National and international handling

Ground handling services are the alpha and omega of every flight. Simplicity, safety, efficiency and innovation are just some of our main peculiar characteristics.

Among our services you can find:

  • Ground assistance service and GSE
  • Aircraft parking in front of our terminal
  • Airport customs & immigrations
  • Entry and landing permits
  • Private car parking facilities
  • De-icing
  • Flight planning, weather briefing and NOTAM
  • Fuel arrangements
  • Aircraft towing service
Handling nazionale e internazionale
Gestione degli aeromobili

Aircraft management

With over 30 years of experience, we know what you need and how to simplify the management of your aircraft.

Our management programs are tailored to your needs by our team of experts: a safe solution designed with rigorous attention to detail.

VIP Lounge

From a super luxurious airplane cabin to a restful family space. Our VIP lounge is designed to meet any need and to accommodate passengers and crews from all over the world.

By taking care of every single detail and thanks to our highest quality service, we will be able to anticipate your specific needs and customize our lounge to ensure you a tailor-made and unequaled service.

VIP Lounge
Servizio di in-house hangarage

In-house hangarage service

With two hangars located near the general aviation terminal, designed to accommodate and protect your aircraft for short or long periods, eSair Handling is able to offer a guarded and safe place, ensuring a comfortable departure for your passengers and a cost and time saving.

Charter flights organization

For many people, travel remains essential. Whether it is a business or leisure trip, thanks to our exceptional service and partnerships established with leading companies in the sector, we are able to find, in a short time, the plane that best meets your needs, thus allowing you to reach your destination and to live an exclusive experience, one of a kind.

Organizzazione voli charter
Servizio di prenotazioni hotel

Hotel reservation service

One of the most important things is to offer our customers a complete service, for this reason if you need to spend one or more nights out, the knowledge of the local area allows us to find the perfect solution to meet your personal needs, your tastes and your shopping desires.

Whether it's a charming cottage, a business hotel or something more specific, we can find it for you.

Catering service

Catering is a crucial aspect of the overall travel experience. For this reason we collaborate with some of the most renowned chefs and restaurants in Turin, to offer you a flawless culinary experience.

The meals we carefully prepare are specially designed to be enjoyed in flight, even at 40,000 feet.

The proposals of our staff and our menu reflect the Italian style and the values and traditions of our country.

However, we do not want to offer you only the dishes on the menu, but also an experience made up of sensations, aromas and excellent creations.

Servizio limousine

Limousine service

eSair Handling collaborates exclusively with the best limousine service providers. Should you ever need a limo transfer, we have the perfect solution for you.

We offer first-class services, characterized by the speed and professionalism that have always distinguished us.

Aircraft washing and cleaning service

Taking care of your aircraft is a fundamental aspect for us.

Our aircraft cleaning services include:

  • External washing
  • Window cleaning
  • Cabin vacuum cleaning
  • Leather treatment
Servizio di lavaggio e pulizia del velivolo